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Craps Strategy

Craps Strategy : Some Tips for Playing Craps
The key to playing well on the craps table is to understand the odds (or the house edge in other words). This applies to most casino games. You wonīt be able to completely get rid of the house edge 8unless you play some variants of blackjack to a 100% perfect strategy), but by picking the right types of bets, you can minimisie the house edge and maximise your odds.
So, for example, at a very basic level, sticking to Pass Line bets on the come out roll is a good strategy. The house advantage is small on these bets- around 1.4%. The 'don't pass' bet is even better, with a house edge of 1.36%- but bear in mind that you will be betting against the shooter, so expectsome agro! (This isnīt going to be a problem online however).

Some of the following bets are best avoided if you want to keep the house edge down. they may sound exotic, but the donīt pay out that often on average.
The Big Six bet has a wince indusing house edge of 9%, for example, as does the Big Eight. And a Hard Four or Hard Ten, has a measly payout of less than 90%. On the other hand, they do pay out big if they hit.
Generally speaking, use the lottery rule when selecting your bets. If the bet has a big payout, chances are that the house advantage is big (much like the lottery). If the payout is smaller, the opposite applies (much like betting on red or black in roulette).

Snake Eyes is one of the most popular bets, yet the house has an eye watering edge of around 14%. Avoid playing it!
Boxcars, (a double six) doesnīt fare much better. Another rule to stick to in craps is the more glamorous sounding the bet, the worse the odds!

Your best strategy is to play in a considered fashion and weight your bets to the ones offering the best odds, Itīs OK to go for some big jackpot ones, but just mix it up. And have a clear view in your mind as to when you will quit the table, either when you hit your profit target or you hit your stop loss.

If you win big early on, then quit- always employ a "hit and run" strategy at casinos. Itīs always the startegy the high rollers use.


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